Northeast States Look to Lower Carbon Fuels in Climate Plans

reg.jpgIn recent months, there has been a great deal of discussion across the liquid heating fuels segment regarding Northeast states’ plans to “electrify everything.” In order to achieve net-zero emissions, many states and municipalities have developed climate plans calling for fossil fuels to be phased out in favor of various forms of renewable energy.

Some cities and towns have taken additional steps, calling for electric heating in all new construction. However, the fact is that even some of the states with the most aggressive electrification targets — Rhode Island and New York, for example — not only have laws on the books requiring the use of biodiesel in home heating, but also include low-carbon liquid fuels in their climate plans.

Several states across the Northeast have formally recognized biodiesel and renewable diesel as potential means to achieving their targeted emission reductions in difficult-to-electrify sectors like home heating and heavy-duty trucking.

For example, an overview of the New York State Climate Action Council’s Draft Scoping Plan plainly acknowledges “Bioheat blends” as part of all of its “climate mitigation” scenarios. According to the Draft Scoping Plan, “Scenario 2: Strategic Use of Low-Carbon Fuels includes significant investment in renewable diesel.” Additionally, the plan includes no less than eight separate mentions of a “clean fuel standard,” which could incentivize blends of advanced biofuels.

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